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Disc Golf Advanced Starter Set, 6 Pack

Disc Golf Advanced Starter Set, 6 Pack

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  • Disc Golf Essentials - The Competition Set contains 6 discs : 3* Distance Drivers, 1* Mid-range, 2* Putters,1* Mini Disc, 1* Towel. Colors Will Vary. Just grab your discs and you're ready to play!
  • Different Material - The discs for the Competition Set are carefully selected from us and made for Mars material. These discs have excellent glide and offer the best experience for starting and professional players.
  • Detailed Discs - Designed for novice players. The colors and non-uniformity of the discs help you to recognize them. They are easier to find even in a difficult environment!
  • PDGA Approved - PDGA Approved and built to standard PDGA size and weight regulation(172-179g).
  • Warranty - We are confident in our products and therefore offer you a 2-year warranty on the ONEATTACK Discs Disc Golf Set.
Buy Disc Golf From Infinite Discs

You could buy our disc golf from Infinited Discs that is our Agency in the USA.

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