Fairway Driver

Name Rating Characteristic
  PISCES 7, 5, 0, 2

The "Pisces" is a driver with the three main characteristics of stable straight flight, high glide and good speed, which is suitable for everyone.

OPHIUCHUS 7, 5, -3, 1

The "Ophiuchus" has more deflection values to offset the tendency of newbies to throw left, and with its newbie-friendly speed, it's easier for newbies to hit straight distances. It is the best disc for beginners in ONE ATTACK (X-COM).

  • Earth

    Earth plastic is the most popular ONE ATTACK(X-Com) blend for putters and is a softer, more grippy plastic. Low price is good for newbies.

  • Mars

    Mars plastic by ONE ATTACK(X-Com) is a premium blend with decorative ripples to give it the appearance of a planet's surface. More wear-resistant and can be used many times.